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About Us

The strongest European students sport and knowledge competition

Aims and activities of the organisation

Organisation and activities

NGO “EUROIJADA” is officially registered in the Register of Associations on 6th of February 2014. “EUROIJADA” founded as an idea of team of young people who are very active in lives of youth. Beside student policy, “EUROIJADA” members are experienced in social inclusion, cooperation, networking, conference, meetings, large-scale of youth events, helping new students to easier adapt to university life, helping graduated young people to find jobs and to adapt to it, organizing meetings, workshops, events, sport events, activities against racism and many other actions. Members of “EUROIJADA” are young people from many faculties and universities in Serbia and young experts in various fields such as science, education, sport, active life etc. One of the examples is International Meeting of Students of Technology. This Meeting has been held at Faculty of Technology, University of Novi Sad in cooperation with Students Union of Faculty of Technology. Members and president of “EUROIJADA” are former members and former president of the Student Union.


What is the main reasons of “EUROIJADA” existence?

– contribution to the strengthening of youth to become active in their own community
– trainings and educational lectures about techniques for successful negotiation
– giving opportunity to young people for gaining experience through volunteering
– promotion of cultural diversity, culture of peace, human rights and equal chances for all
– cooperation, networking and other activities fostering efficient management, internationalisation and leadership of youth work organization
– development of non-formal education and sport events
– Inclusion of the refugees

a wide range of education
environmental protection through the individual and through sport

has 78 members and more than 100 volunteers

The strongest field of our organization is the implementation of our ideas and activities through sport tournaments. Organization of sport tournaments for youth across the Europe is our agent for networking and dissemination of multilateral partnership. Since 2011 members of our organization are organizing “Euroijada sport and knowledge competition for youth”, changing the host city around Europe. First edition of “Euroijada sport and knowledge competition for youth” was held in 2011 in Prague (Czech Republic), second in 2012 in Krakow (Poland). Next year we connected with students association of Transylvania (ASUT), and agencies and government of Brasov (Romania) and made our tournament in this Romanian city. In 2014 with support of Municipality of Thessaloniki with city major Jannis Boutaris in front, we organized tournament in Greece (Thessaloniki). City major Jannis Boutaris awarded “EUROIJADA” organizers with the plaque of Alexander the Great! We are very proud of this award! 2015. edition of Euroijada tournament was very successful. Euroijada 2015 tournament was held in Krakow (Poland) with 1058 students from 13 countries. City of Krakow major Jacek Majhrowski supported EUROIJADA and tournament was held in cooperation with Sport Department of Municipality of Krakow. All our events are documented by videos, pictures, documents…NGO “EUROIJADA” got her name after our successful sport competition.

EUROIJADA 2016. in Prague (Czech Republic), 2017. in Paris (France), 2018. in Prague (Czech Republic) and Berlin 2019. was the golden era of the competition with new records in the number of participants, sports competitions, members of organization in front of the host cities etc.

The jubilee tenth competition was held in the city that is the capital of Europe of youth in 2019 and culture in 2022. In the city of Novi Sad in Serbia. The number of members and participants is constantly increasing. You are also welcome with any suggestions and ideas.

Main activities and history of EUROIJADA project

Since 2011 and starting of international cooperation, EUROIJADA is growing. In 2011 project started with around 450 participants from 6 countries. All participants were accommodate in TOP hotel, near Chodov metro station in Prague. EUROIJADA 2011 has 3 sport disciplines (futsal, basketball and volleyball) in men and women competition. Tournament was organized in cooperation with Student association of University of Economy in Prague. Start was successful and this was tickets for next edition.

EUROIJADA 2012 edition in Krakow, Poland, was initial moment of cooperation with Modena Travel agency from Novi Sad, Serbia. They took care about transportation and accommodation of participants in second edition of EUROIJADA and we increased professional level of the tournament. Competitions in all sport disciplines were very strong. Even without social networks and other marketing EUROIJADA has got strong voice and many young people from 7 countries applied. Around 500 students were part of EUROIJADA 2012 in Krakow.

Edition 2013. in Brasov, Romania was start of cooperation with host city representatives. Major of Brasov, together with University rector and other leading persons of city of Brasov supported EUROIJADA event. Even medical staff and police were involved in organization and help for the tournament. They have provided professional conditions for organization with sport association high level referees. Futsal tournament was played in Brasov Arena. Around 700 students from 9 countries participated in EUROIJADA 2013. Here you can check EUROIJADA 2013 after video clip. Participants were accommodated in hotels in city center (“Coroana”, “Capitol”, “City”, “Decebal”). Tournaments was played mainly in Colina University center, Arena Brasov and two more sport halls. Like all previous years EUROIJADA has entertainment nights in the best clubs in Brasov (one of them is club “Goha”). Radio Television Vojvodina – RTV  from Serbia made the movie about EUROIJADA.

EUROIJADA 2014. was organize in Thessaloniki, Greece. Thanks to city government with major Yannis Boutaris in front, EUROIJADA 2014 was held in University sport center and 3 other halls (“MENT” and “Triandria” are two of them). Around 750 participants from 9 countries were accommodate in hotels “Vergina”, “Telioni”, “Rotonda” and 5 stars hotel “Grand hotel Palace”. Like every year, our participants had transportation from hotels to sport halls and back. EUROIJADA 2014. attracted several media. Few television from different countries fallowed tournament: Radio Televizija Srbije RTS, Novosadska TV , TV 100 Thessaloniki and numerous portals Lika Clubbing Croatia … EUROIJADA 2014 after movie.

Euroijada 2015 was evolution in all segments of organization. 1058 participants from 13 countries were part of our history. Ministry of Sport of city of Krakow with director Barbara Mikołajczyk supported EUROIJADA tournament. All participants got free public transport tickets for all zones of transport in Krakow. Sport games were played in fabulous TAURON ARENA Krakow, COME COME ZONE sport hall, Hutnik, Kusy and AWF University sport hall. TAURON ARENA KRAKOW was the place of volleyball World Cup final, handball European Championship and World Volleyball League. Participants have been accommodated in 6 hotels: Ibis Budget, Ibis Stare Miasto, Ibis Bronowice, Olimp, Ibis Centrum and Quality System hotel. All three nights EUROIJADA had entertainment for participants. In the best Krakow clubs SHINE, COCO and Local were EUROIJADA parties. Welcome party, first day in the afternoon, was settled in Havana club. EUROIJADA 2015 was unique because of new idea of organizers. For the first time in history tournament has got album-catalogue. EUROIJADA catalogue is magazine with 52 pages. Catalogue contains all necessary information: addresses of the hotels, halls, facts, all sport groups with pictures of all participants, tournament schedules…this is two pages from catalogue: EUROIJADA 2015 improved her “surname”: the strongest European student sport competition. High level of the teams and professional referees are references for good voice around University teams in Europe and wider. For example, Slawomir Steczko and Grzegorz Hamowski are professional, first league futsal referees, from Krakow and they were part of Euroijada tournament.

EUROIJADA 2016 in Prague from 11th to 14th November beats all records. 1303 participants from 17 countries were part of the most numerous and the strongest EUROIJADA in the history. Ministry of University Sport and Education gave full support (as previous years, visa invitation letters for participants, sport halls, referees…).
New project in EUROIJADA competition were EUROIJADA LIVE STREAM DRAW. Participants had opportunity to watch live draw in all sport competition. Participants were accommodate in hotel “DUO” and hotel/hostel “A&O”, both on the metro station STRIZKOV. We had 8 sport halls with 11 pitches: 1) Zeleny Pruh, 2) Hazena Sokol Vrsovice, 3) Slavia sport hall, 4) Zlicin, 5)Kralovka, 6) Petriny, 7) FTVS University sport center, 8) Kotlarka. Once again, all information, participants has found in EUROIJADA catalogue. They had 4 possibilities to find information about schedules, parties and other: 1) first possibility EUROIJADA ALBUM CATALOGUE 2) second, LIVESCORE) third, new info desk with our info coordinators 4) fourth, from our guides, coordinators or in info table in sport halls Every year we add something new. This year, except live draw, we had LIVESCORE in our website. This was benefit for participants, to check timetable, even if all of them got EUROIJADA catalog.

EUROIJADA 2017 was held in Paris, France from 3rd till 6th of November. Around 1100 students from 14 countries participated in seventh edition of EUROIJADA. We used 5 hotels for accommodation (Mercure Rungis 4*, Ibis Rungis 3*, Ibis Budget Rungis 2*, Ibis Orly airport 3* and Ibis Orly airport 2*) and 8 sport halls with 10 courts for sport (1.Carpentier, 2. Delaune,  3.Ladoumegue, 4. Espace Edmond Delfour, 5. Champagne, 6. Cheymol, 7.Gymnase Piere Coubertin COSOM and 8. Complex Sportif “David Douillet”) all in 3 cities of Paris region. City majors of Viry-Chatillon, Savigny-Sur-Orge and Juvisy-Sur-Orge gave full support to EUROIJADA tournament and they were main figures in successful organization of Euroijada 2017 in Paris.

EUROIJADA 2018 in Prague continues to dominate with the strongest competition in tournaments for young people all over the world. 1050 students from 16 countries competed in 10 standard sport disciplines and one new: football! Beautiful classic sport complex STRAHOV, was EUROIJADA home of football teams.

EUROIJADA 2019  was held in Berlin, Germany from 15th till 18th of November. International metropolis Berlin was the host from 14th till 18th of November 2019 with 1225 young participants from 18 countries from 3 continents. The Main Berlin Municipality Charlottenburg-Wilmersdorf signed the invitation for EUROIJADA. 

Sport was held in several halls like Warner-Ruheman-Sporthalle and Harald-Mellerowicz-Sporthalle. Participants were accommodated in Park inn Radisson at Alexanderplatz, A&O Mitte in Berlin Mitte, Comfort hotel at Lichtenberg… EUROIJADA 2019 Berlin, Germany, video link https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YsE30Orq8Sk.

EUROIJADA 2020 was postponed due to covid19 pandemic.

EUROIJADA 2021 was held in the city of Novi Sad, Serbia from 11th to 15th of November. Almost 1000 students participated from 11 countries. It was a special 10th edition of manifestation held in the international sport hall SPENS, Handball hall “Slana Bara” etc. EUROIJADA 2021 Novi Sad, Serbia, video link https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u1ROMJUolWw&t.

All necessary


First of all we need to have support of the city government. It means invitation letter from city major and some part of Sport department or department for education and youth or any other part of City hall.

This is main things that city host should provide for Euroijada tournament:

1) Sport hall for first day of competition (at least 11 pitches) and  sport halls for second day of competition (at least 6 pitches)

2) referees for all games: 2 for every futsal game, 3 for every volleyball game, 2 for every basketball game and one or two table referees, 2 for every handball game, one for table tennis games for each table (3 tables are enough to finish competition). For chess, debate and quiz of knowledge we have our referees and host city can also have their

3) Medical help – very important!

4) Conference halls for debate and quiz of knowledge (3 conference halls for debate first day and one conference hall for second day, AND one conference hall just one day for quiz of knowledge)

5) Cups and medals for all competitions

6) recommendation to sponsors

7) to invite all Universities or faculties in the city host or from other cities or other countries to participate in Euroijada (it is important to have team from host city)

8) to be ready to put stamp and signature for visa invitation to participants who needs visa for host country – very important

9) water in sport halls for participants

This is 9 main things that is necessary to have from the city host. Additional things like free tickets for public transport, presents from the city to participants (T-shirts, souvenirs…), prizes to winners, one or two buses (around 40 or 50 seats per bus) to use them for transportation from hotels to sport halls and back, and also in the night to clubs…all additional things are welcome!

It is necessary to have volunteers and people from University or city hall for help in organization during Euroijada (in sport halls).

EUROIJADA part of the negotiations is to find good and cheap hotels to have low price. Than to animate teams to apply and come, than to draw all competitions and send to host city, than to inform all participants etc. Album-catalogue is unique in all students sport tournament and this is project inside of Euroijada project (collect all pictures of teams, prepare groups and information, game timetables…).
Host city should contains 3 huge clubs for parties.

Participants / Partners

Serbia – 4 Universities, 29 faculties

Slovenia – 3 Universities, 6 faculties

Macedonia – 2 Universities, 2 faculties

Bulgaria – 3 Universities, 5 faculties

Romania – 3 Universities, 4 faculties

Russia – 1 University

Italy – 1 University, 1 faculty

France – 4 Universities, several faculties

Switzerland – 1 University, several faculties

Austria – 1 University, several faculties

Germany – 4 Universities, several faculties

Spain – 3 Universities, several faculties

Poland – 3 Universities, 7 faculties

Hungary – 1 University, 1 faculty

Czech Republic – 4 Universities

Lithuania – 1 University

Croatia – 5 Universities, several faculties

BiH – 3 Universities, several faculties

Greece – 2 Universities

Russia – 1 University

Lebanon – 2 Universities, several faculties

Morocco – 3 Universities, several faculties

Algeria – 3 Universities, several faculties

Turkey – 4 University

Kazakhstan – 1 University

Egypt – 2 Universities

Kuwait – 1 University

Guinea-Bissau – 1 University

and many more contacts from Ukraine, Wales, Qatar, Libya…

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